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What We Do

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AV Professionals

Allow us to confidentially alert you to jobs on the horizon that meet your unique criteria for local, remote and relocation opportunities Worldwide! Crestron Certified Technicians & Engineers, Cleared Professionals, Product Development Engineers, and Managers, and experienced AV Sales Executives are in constant demand and we are your confidential eyes and ears.

AV Manufacturers

We present you a 'Best Practices' head-hunting service 100% dedicated to your industry, with the quantity and quality of candidates that you require to maintain and grow your Audio Visual Manufacturing division or business. No up-front fees, we bill you on your new employee's first day, with a 90 Day Guarantee.

AV Integrators

We are highly selective when agreeing to work with new clients in this category. As we do not recruit from our clients, we have to balance new business growth with a diminishing talent pool. If you are a market leader in your region, contact us ASAP at (833) 2HIREAV

What Sets Us Apart

Most Recruiting Agencies are meat grinders with 90% turn over every 2 years and they pressure their new employees to solicit every business within their region, regardless of their industry. They will happily promise you the moon with no real context, no existing relationships and no understanding of the market and technologies unique to our industry.

  1. Our recruiters stay long-term, because we invest heavily in them, treat them like family and they are 100% remote.
  2. We have delved deep into the nuances of the AV industry. We know the special relationships among AV manufacturers, dealer/integrators, distributors and end-users. We also no the differences between ProAdudio, Commercial Integration and Rentals & Staging.
  3. Because we serve the whole eco-system of our industry, which includes everything from new product development to installers and the entire sales chain, we have been networking with the whole community since day one. With over 90,000 conversations logged with passive, long term quality candidates, are internal database is top-of-class.
  4. We don't just send our clients resumes. We are your brand ambassadors to the talent community. Every interview we do with a candidate prior to submittal is your opportunity for a positive introduction or affirmation of an existing fan.

Frequently Asked Questions

HireSparks will replace your candidate to your satisfaction if your new employee departs for any reason within their first 90 days.

Commissioned employees’ salary will be calculated based on their minimal acceptable performance and resulting total compensation.

U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, All English-Speaking Island States/Colonies

Contract employees’ compensation will be based on annualized salary (ie. Hourly Rate x 2080).

No, we do not payroll our candidates. They work for your company directly on either a W2 or 1099 basis.

We fully cooperate with and usually work directly for your HR or TA staff.



Michael Sparks: HireSparks Audiovisual Recruiting

Michael Sparks

CEO and Chief Recruiter
25 years industry veteran, formerly Director of Recruiting at Randstad & Deloitte.
Untitled design (27)

Jordan Sayamongkhun

Executive Vice President of Asia Pacific
Having broad knowledge of the technical and interdisciplinary aspects of many AV roles, he enjoys connecting top & upcoming talent with growing companies.
Keith Angelo Navarro Operations and Accounting Manager

Keith Angelo Navarro

Operations and Accounting Manager
My role is to directly impact the growth of the team, customers, and timelines. I make sure everything runs smoothly.